It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted last. I know that you are eagerly waiting to hear all the things I am doing.  Last time I was working on being more outgoing. I started this challenge for myself to do three things that I normally wouldn’t do alone.  I am taking crafting classes, biking, cooking classes, and talking with my neighbor.

Yeah, it’s scary, but I’m excited for the crafting class. I know that I am going to be the only person there so that takes some of the pressure off, but I will be able to learn a new skill. Who knows maybe it will be something I enjoy doing.

As for the others those are proving to be more difficult.  Cooking class is a challenge because I don’t really have much income so trying to find something cheap is going to be a bit hard. Maybe my sister and I can just try new recipes?  The biking is also not happening very fast. I am without a bike, but am working on getting one.

I’m very excited for the new things that are going on with me. The sun has been shining and life is looking up.


A new year is minutes away. I am reflecting on the past year I saw alot of things that hurt me change to hope and scary new begining change my outlook of myself and my future.

There are still things I must face in 2017, but I know that with the new strength, courage,& happiness I have found I can make this new year just as great.

I thank those who have stood by me in my weakest and darkest moments and rejoiced in my brightest. I bring you with me to this new year. May our adventures continue to surprise us and bring us to greater heights. To those dark moments lurking around ever corner I greet you with fierce vengeance and strong perseverance.

I am ready for all things 2017. Bring it!

Hey it’s been awhile. Things have really changed over the last months. I have a new job which is really exciting. I’m working with dementia and Alzheimer residents at an assisted living facility. I’m the activity assistant.  I love my job because of the interaction that I have with a residents. I’m able to get to know them and what they are interested in. I’m also getting the see the health system in a whole new light. I realize that their is always a shortage of staff and that there will be issues in every department, but I’m really seeing how that plays out among the staff.  I have a daily schedule that I follow with the residents which is basically the same, but the activities that we do vary from day to day.  We have the occasional outing on the bus too. I actually was able to get my chauffeurs license so I will be able to drive the bus as well which is just a bonus for the entire facility.

Some of the most challenging parts of my job is understanding the relationships within the families that visit and the residents. They are all at different stages and every is different in how they feel or behave.  The reward is having them interact with you and each other and really have a positive experience.

I’m trying to figure out a way to engage some of the most withdrawn ones.  This is difficult, but sometimes just spending some one on one time with them and really figuring out what interests them is key. You can learn so much from them and it really is amazing to hear the stories they have to share.

I’ve also been working on a secondary job with the city. I’m hoping to start next month now that the paper work is out of the way.  I’ll be a sub at the public library during the week. I’m excited to get back into library work after spending time over the last few years in one. I’m hoping that it will keep my engaged and learning new things. I also think it will be a valuable resource for my job with my residents.

Having a job again and one that I really enjoy doing and being creative with my time is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  I’m excited to see what is in store for me and how I change while helping others. I’m also excited to share my experience with my residents and maybe help others to understand the disease of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

I am amazed at how much has changed over the course of the last month. From having no job prospects to getting about three. I am happy to let you know that the last one I interviewed for from a local nursing home worked.  I’m officially employed again.  I am looking forward to this new job as a fresh start.  I don’t have to worry about carrying any old baggage with me.  I am excited to see where this job leads.  Even though the pay isn’t much of a start I have high hopes that things will.  With this new job I have a new title. I am the assistant to the director of activities.  I get to be creative and help residents to improve their quality of life.  Another plus is that my supervisor is the same age as me so we’ll be able to get along with each well.

With all the anxiety I usually get with starting something new I am looking forward and excited far more than I am anxious.  I am determined to embrace this new job and take on any challenges.  I want to be able to voice my opinion and be valued by my co-workers.

Before I was given this job I was beginning to be discouraged by the lack of response I had been getting from applications. I was beginning to doubt my worth.  I believe that this job opportunity came at the right time.  I’m a ready to go back to work with a new outlook and a fresh start.


Today was a spectacular day. I woke up later than usual. I was ina gret mood. My brother was on his way to visit but also because I would be spending my weekend at the lake. Before we could go I had a couple of things I needed to do like help with my grandma. Mom and I go on Fridays and pick up groceries.

Today while shopping I got a phone call from a potential job. They asked if I was able to come in for an interview. I said yes around four. The cottage would still be there. I was ecstatic. I called everyone I knew. It has been months of hard work searching and applying for jobs since March. I didnt know if i would be interviewing for the store job or the cafe job, but I was hoping for full time.

I got to the interview early and waited probably 15 minutes. I met with three managers but the cafe manager was the one conducting the interview. As the interview progressed I felt really good about things. They all really seemed to like my answers. At the end I asked about the hours and the pay. I wanted an idea of what to expect should they offer the job to me. Unfortunately they told me part time to start with the potential to go full time within a few wekleks of starting. The pay was what was disappointing. It was less than my job I left in spring. I was disappointed but none the les happy with the way the interview went.

I left the interview conflicted with my decision to accept the job should it be offered. I knew I was over qualified for the position to begin with. I talked it over with some people and decided if offered I would push the point for full time if they would be specific on a time frame and if so would a raise follow? Since they said an hour and they would call I didnt have enough time to think. I would tell them to give me the weekend to think it over.

The more Ive been thinking the more determined I have become that I dont want to settle when itcame to a job. I need a job but at what expense would I be willing to take a job I wouldnt be happy in. I had made up my mind or had I. I decided to wait for the call which never came.

Then later tonight I was scanning through my emails and came across an email from a company I had appliedwith numerous times before. When I openned the letter I was blown away. They were picking out candidates for the position but needed more information from computer testing. I was ecstatic. This was the job I wanted the job I would love. I knew now I wasnt settling for an under appreciated position. I sent a reply saying I was interested and please send me the informationon Monday. I am not giving up ans this email isa sign that I shouldnt settle on myself. I am wortha decent paying job that I love I just need to be patient and make a smart decision based on my ability not on my bank account.



I’ve been really starting to like this new app or website called meetup. It’s a neat site, but some cities, like mine don’t have a lot of groups to offer.  I have been thinking of starting my own group, but need an idea or two.  If you think of one that might interest you please leave a comment.  I think that for people with introverted personalities this is a great way for them to get out into the community and meet their neighbors.  The problem lies in who is actually going to show up other than yourself. I need to do more research on this, but if any of my blogger friends have ideas or use this app please feel free to leave me a message. Happy blogging.

I’ve been devouring books lately.  Last night I stayed up late just to finish the latest one. I think that the reason that I love to read these mysteries of fiction is that I’m able to get lost in them. I no longer worry about the world around me. It’s all about the characters in the book. I can read from cover to cover wanting to learn more about the main characters.  I am rooting for them and hoping that they overcome whatever obstacle they are faced with. Sometimes I almost wish I was them. I want adventure and something to keep me going everyday.  Reality though won’t ever let me, but in books I’m able to become part o something else. The thrill of the chase and the mystery of what the next page will hold.

I do realize though I can’t get too lost because I’m always brought back to my own reality after I finish a book. My mind will wander and I think that I’m going to walk out my door and be thrown into some high speed action packed adventure.  I wish.  I realize though that i too can have these adventure even if they aren’t as glamorous as the books I read.  There is no knight in shining armor coming to sweep me off my feet or some villains out to get me.  I just have to use my own head to get to my next great adventure.  Will it be among the trinkets of thrift stores or while I’m playing with my nephew?  So I’m not a going to have a gun fight or catch bad guys with a badge, but I can create a world today which I can get excited about tomorrow.  I just have to keep looking around until I find it.


Many of you have heard of this app called pintrest .  You can go and collect ideas for things that you like or might like to make.  I have found that I’ve gotten many great ideas from this app.  When i first moved into my apartment I used pintrest for everything.  From decorations to how to organize my space to making more space.  I think it’s a great way to share ideas and find things that you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own.

I recently came across a post by some which was called 64 ideas for self care when life gets hard. I really liked this post and re-pinned it myself. I’ve read through it a few times and what I’ve discovered is that a lotof these things I’m already doing.  Some of the more obscure ideas that might not be ones we think of I will list here.  Sometimes we aren’t always in the right frame of mind to think of these ideas on our own which is why i love Pintrest.

2. Write a gratitude list

20 Just say no

25 Spend time with your mom or sister

27 go to cafe and treat yourself to some coffee and cake while reading a trashy magazine, people watching, or just savoring every sip.

Write 99 things I love list.

Clean, clean a room or whole house.

Purge your closet. Get rid of things you don’t wear.

go for a long walk anywhere.

pain or pull weeds.

unplug from life for awhile.